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Brighton’s best small comedy club and winner of the Audience choice Award for Best Fringe Venue 2021.

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"In my top five venues in Britain. The combination of intimacy and good energy means I can get 100% into my comfort zone. Being in that very rare mind-state means one can can take improv to another level." Adam Bloom

Our Birth

The Secret Comedy Club was born in 2016 at Artista Cafe & Gallery.  Over the years we have grown from strength to strength, expanding from 1 night per month to now 5 days per week over the years.

From TV stars to the embryonic stages of comedy we have it all at The Secret Comedy Club.

Our Team

Alexander Voodoo


Alexander opened Artista (the venue where The Secret Comedy Club is run) in 2014. Since then he has built up the comedy club from 1 day per month to 5 days per week!

Martin Warren


Martin joined the team in 2019 when he first came down to do a 5 min spot on our open mic night. We just knew there was something special about him and so we invited him to try his first MC spot. It goes without saying he absolutely smashed it and has since become our number one in house MC.

Robyn Perkins


We only met Robyn during the Brighton fringe 2021 and in the short time we have know her she has already started MCing for us and running her own night here. We look forward to working along side her in the future.

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We have some great merch for you to buy with our iconic logo on it.

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