Comedy For The Curious


Comedy for the Curious is a unique comedy show where curiosity and stand-up comedy are combined. Now live and in person, the show sets out to answer some of life’s most interesting questions. Why are some people extroverted? Why do we like scary movies? What is better, Cats or Dogs? Strap in because this show has answers. On the 3rd Thursday of the month, Comedy for the Curious teams up with Secret Comedy Club to bring you a full night of comic relief.


Each month, the show sets out explore a different topic through comedy, from Love to Fear to Cats vs Dogs. Each show comprises of three stand-up comedy sets that ponder the big topic at hand. The comedians then explore the subject further in a personal (and often revealing!) chat between them. The show wraps up with a silly game that pits the comics against the audience – for the ultimate prize (spoiler alert: it’s a coaster).

Comedy for the Curious has been running online for about a year and is now being delivered to live audiences. If you love comedy and have an inquisitive mind, this is the show for you.Each show is hosted by comedian (and former scientist) Robyn Perkins, with two guest comedians (who are not scientists). The show starts at 8pm (doors at 7pm) and runs for about 2/2.5 hours.

SEPTEMBER 30th: PERSONALITY with host Robyn Perkins & guest comedians Michael Fabbri & Stephanie Laing

OCTOBER 21st: HAPPINESS with host Robyn Perkins & guest comedians Esther Manito (Live at the Apollo) & Aaron Twitchen

with host Robyn Perkins & guest comedians Radu Isac & Steffan Alun
DECEMBER 16th: FEAR  with host Robyn Perkins & guest comedians Dave Chawner (Award Winning Comedian & Author) & Lucy Frederick
JANUARY 20th: CATS vs DOGS  with host Robyn Perkins & guest comedians Laura Lexx (Live at the Apollo) & Erich McElroy
FEBRUARY 17th: BREAK-UPS with host Robyn Perkins & guest comedians Steve N Allen (Mash Report) & TBD





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