Alistair Barrie “Alistaircratic”

Artista Art Association presents The Secret Comedy Club at Brighton Fringe Festival 2022
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Doors open 30mins before show starts. Please be here at least 15 mins early.

An hour of topical stand up comedy hastily rewritten to reflect the fact Boris Johnson may not be the worst leader on the planet.
BBC, Comedy Store and Edinburgh Fringe regular Alistair Barrie returns to The Secret Comedy Club with an hour of topical comedy like the one he was going to take to New Zealand and Edinburgh in 2020 and Melbourne in 2021 before events conspired against him. He managed to take the show up to Edinburgh in 2021 for a short run where he managed to get Covid which seemed fairly appropriate. He was then planning on rewriting that show for Edinburgh 2022 before World War Three started and he went to Disneyland with his two very small children. He is still planning on rewriting that show, but Vladimir Putin and Mickey Mouse are clearly determined to make things as difficult as possible for him. Come and see how he’s getting on.

‘A no frills master of his craft’ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐️ The Scotsman

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