Anna Clifford “I SEE DEAD(LY) PEOPLE”

Artista Art Association presents The Secret Comedy Club at Brighton Fringe Festival 2022
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Anna Clifford “I SEE DEAD(LY) PEOPLE”

Facing an existential crisis Anna powered off her phone and dived head first into an Ayahuasca retreat in the Irish Wilderness. Days later she returned a changed woman, but that’s not all that changed. The world had entered a global pandemic, her boyfriend had ghosted and her Mother announced she kinda, might die! In a hilarious show about positivity versus the World, Anna will have you in stitches with real stories that are unbelievable!

Irish comedian Anna is a Funny Women finalist and has worked for BBC, RTE, and the Vodafone Comedy Festival. This is a work in progress show ahead of it’s Edinburgh Fringe Debut.

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