Cerys Bradley ‘Sportsperson’ WIP

Artista Art Association presents The Secret Comedy Club at Brighton Fringe Festival 2022
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Cerys Bradley ‘Sportsperson’ WIP

Sportsperson is written and performed by Cerys Bradley (Soho Theatre Young Company, Amused Moose semi-
finalist 2020, Quantum Leopard Champion of Champions 2021). It’s a show about playing sport and fitting in and how Cerys is quite bad at both of those things. It’s also a show about being non-binary, embarrassed about wearing lycra and how spending your childhood in a car whilst your
parents watch your brother play football (and rugby and tennis and cricket) definitely doesn’t leave you with amassive chip on your shoulder.

As seen on BBC Wales.

‘Slick and quick-witted’ (DIVA).


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