Dian Cathal “Generation Why”

Artista Art Association presents The Secret Comedy Club at Brighton Fringe Festival 2022
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Dian Cathal “Generation Why”

The generation of entitlement, participation trophies and snowflakes. That is how many see us.
The generation of social change, technological revolution and pizza rolls. This is who we are.

To put it in perspective, the formative years of millennials have had:
The US and UK in the longest war since WW2
The worst recession since the Great Depression
Nazis are back
Russia is evil again
The Plague AKA Covid-19

And they have been in quick succession. This combined with the relentless speed of technology has left us with no time to process and adjust to all the horrors of the world.

We are tasked with saving the world, just like Saturday morning cartoons taught us, but we are hamstrung by our own trauma. We have to face it to get past it and learn from it. This show is the start.

And more importantly, why didn’t Pokemon prepare us for this?

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