Pope Lonergan “Bangin’ On”

Artista Art Association presents The Secret Comedy Club at Brighton Fringe Festival 2022
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Pope Lonergan “Bangin’ On”

Pope Lonergan is a comedian, Quaker, (recovering) drug addict and creator of ‘Pope’s Addiction Clinic’ and ‘The Care Home Tour’. In this debut hour he’ll talk about elderly care, opioids and accidentally breaking a woodlouse’s pregnancy sack. In 2022 he has a book coming out. It’s a funny memoir called ‘I’ll Die After Bingo’ (Penguin / Ebury).

“Outrageous material […] rambunctious delivery” The Guardian

“From fearless and funny to heart-stoppingly raw ★★★★” Evening Standard

“The stories are awkward, humiliating, awful and hilarious, occasionally shocking but deeply compelling” iNews

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