Sarah Iles & Carly Smallman “Tarot, Nice to Meet You”

Artista Art Association presents The Secret Comedy Club at Brighton Fringe Festival 2022
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Sarah Iles & Carly Smallman Brighton Fringe 2022 Event Image

Sarah Iles & Carly Smallan “Tarot, Nice To Meet You”

Want to know your future? ‘Cause we already do… You’re in for a night of comedy and tarot! Comedians Carly Smallman (‘Downright Hilarious‘ – GQ) and Sarah Iles (‘Left the room quaking with laughter‘ – Voice mag) are joined by a special guest for a 100% real, 100% hilarious tarot reading. These sexy witches will pull cheeky cards for you (the audience) too, in this fully interactive hit show that encompasses all things fun and witchy. Tarot, Nice to Meet You has been running online during lockdown with up to 35k viewers per episode! Come and see what the cards have in store for you…

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